7 Family Gathering Tips To Stay Safe This Summer

As the months keep passing and the pandemic continues, we learn to live in this new normal. Family gatherings were considered one of the safer ways to enjoy the summer, but since the number of COVID-19 has risen, it’s time to do a check-up of all the preventive measures we have to follow to stay virus-free. Celebrate your next family get together or meeting with friends without risking anyone’s health. Keep reading this blog post.

  • Outdoors is the best option.

“Prioritize outdoor activities where social distancing can be maintained as much as possible.” indicates the Center For Disease Control (CDC). The virus has a harder time spreading outdoors because of the wind and the sunlight, so small gatherings on yards are the safer way to meet your friends and family.

  • Set a schedule

Maybe other year’s gatherings and parties have lasted until the wee hours of the morning, but 2020 isn’t the time to do that. Limiting your exposure to other people is crucial to avoid the virus, and having a clear end defined schedule will be beneficial. Sure, maybe the spontaneity will be missing, but everyone will be safer. You can do the same with the dinner hour, making sure you gather all the food in one single swoop or touch, and just one person to avoid multiple people from touching surfaces.  

  • Open communication between hosts and guests

Days before the party, the host needs to contact and inform all the guests, firstly, to allow them to say “no,” and also to tell them the number of guests, itinerary, food, and other activities. There’s no time for improvisation. Most of the time, guests will bring their own supplies and hygiene products if the host doesn’t have them.

  • Planned seats

Another topic that shouldn’t be left to chance is seating. The host must ensure that all guests have an eating space, six feet separated from the others (unless they come with household members). If there isn’t enough space, the host must limit their number of guests.

  • Bring your own supplies policy.

Experts encourage guests to bring their drinks and also disposable plates and cutlery to the gathering. As with face masks, getting rid of all objects that made contact with our saliva is a crucial measure. If guests use the host’s dishes, then all objects must be washed and sanitized afterward. And of course, nobody must share their spoons, forks, and plates.

  • Individual serving and drinks on the rocks

People must avoid touching other people’s food. For example, if the host is serving burgers, every table or guest must have the necessary dressings in individual servings (or for every household family). Prepared drinks are an issue too: it’s better to serve more simple drinks like beers or on the rocks to avoid that too many hands touched the bottles, ice, and other stuff.

  • Paper towels and liquid soap

Entering bathrooms isn’t risky if you follow appropriate hygiene rules. Washing your hands is the most obvious measure, but drying your hands with everyone’s towel can be avoided. Hosts must consider paper towels just for the day.

Family gatherings come with their risks, but if you follow these guidelines, you will be fine. Staying in touch with our loved ones is more critical than ever. Just don’t risk anyone’s health. Remember that Love My Maids are offering sanitation and cleaning services for homeowners and business owners. Book your service fast and easy on our website.

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Ginger Whitson