For A Cleaner And Fresher Home During Summer, Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Summer is here, with all its beauty and issues. Many people are staying home due to the pandemic, and houses need to be prepared for the hot days. In this blog, you will find six common mistakes to avoid and keeping your home fresh and mold-free. We are not talking much about how to clean your house, but the last point is important to maintain it without bad odors. Keep reading and take notes!

  1. Not changing AC filters

What was the last time you change or clean your Air Conditioner filters? Experts recommend you do it every three months or if your system is running continuously, once a month. Not only will you have better quality air and reduce your allergies, but most likely you’re going to save from 5% to 15% of your AC bill. Summer is the right time to check this out, so don’t wait until it’s too hot.

  1. Not adjusting your AC settings

Knowing how your AC and thermostat work might make the difference between a high electric bill and a well-cooled home. Use your automatic saving modes for the system to auto-regulate itself throughout the day. If you have the opportunity, reinstall your ventilation system, re-evaluate the position, and the rooms you’re cooling. Be smart and save energy.

  1. Letting the fresh air escape

Remember when your mom said that you have to close the door because the cool air was escaping? Well, it’s true. If your rooms have leaks, an open door or window, or another way out, your AC system will work more to compensate. Go the extra mile and check out the stripping and caulking around your doors to ensure no fissure exits.

  1. Not changing your curtains

Curtains are as crucial as closed doors. When your AC system is working, you better keep the sunlight out, especially in hot summer days when stepping outside means sweating in seconds. For people who don’t have AC, this works the same way, although opening windows sometimes might be essential to keep humidity out and fresh air circulating. But, when the sun hits directly, keep them closed.

  1. Letting mold in

Not every summer day is dry since sometimes humidity is in the environment and may enter your home. Besides, the sweat in our clothes and appliances like the fridge is an important source of moisture in our homes. So, why is moisture bad? Because of mold. Mold can be spotted in walls, appliances, and wardrobes, and besides being not aesthetically pleasing, it’s harmful to your health. Keep mold out by maintaining your home without extra humidity, especially those corners where mold creeps in.

  1. Not cleaning your trash bins often

Last but not least, a small but shameful summer mistake is the awful rotten-fruit smell of your trash bins. If you enter your kitchen and perceive this odor, this useful tip will help you. Mix water with white vinegar and spray some in your trash. When you take out the full bag, wash your bin with the same mix and perhaps also dish soap.

How to keep your home clean and fresh this summer? Stop committing these mistakes and also follow other useful tips in our previews blogs. Remember that we are offering disinfecting and cleaning home cleanings, so if you want extra help, contact us. Book your service on our website.

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