Preventive Measures To Take If You’re Hiring A Maid Service For Father’s Day

A clean and disinfected home has become a valuable thing during this pandemic. Is your dad spending his lockdown days in a messy and untidy home? Well, it’s time to break with the cliche of giving beers, grillers of shaving tools. Hire a maid service for Father’s Day and make your old-man feel safer and cleaner. But, as many have already thought, there’s a certain risk of letting an outside person enter your home. Because of that, we made the following blog, hoping it will be helpful before you book your service.

Limit your interaction with the cleaners

Letting outside people enter your home is a delicate problem. Inside four walls, you have more chances of getting the virus, we know. But this is easily avoided by being distanced from your home cleaners as long as they’re inside.

If you can, leave the house for the day or stay inside a room while the maid cleans. If any problem or question arises, keep in touch with her via cellphone. There’s no proof that the virus is transported long distances by air, but just for peace of mind, leave the cleaned room unoccupied for a couple of hours.

Use your own cleaning supplies and tools

Everything your cleaner brings could be potentially contaminated, including cleaning supplies and tools like a vacuum cleaner. Many could think this is a little over the top, but if you would like to feel calmer, you should try it. Inform your maid about your supplies, so there are no unnecessary purchases. Afterward, keep them in the garage for at least two or three days to ensure there’s no virus on them.

Define your most touched and used areas

When an outside cleaner is in your home, the first you have to do is stay away for them while they work. That was the topic of the first point. But, also you have to avoid cross-contamination, in other words, prevent that your maid doesn’t carry germs or viruses from one room to the other.

You can reduce the risk of cross-contamination by limiting the surfaces the cleaner is going to work on. For example, if you are pretty sure your living room isn’t contaminated, but the bathroom and your desk has many frequently touched surfaces, then instruct your cleaner to clean only those areas. Of course, it’s equally important that your cleaner uses different cloths, and tools in each area. Here at Love My Maids, we do that.

Leave the cleaned rooms unoccupied for a while

Scientists say that the coronavirus becomes inactive (in other words, dies) after 72 hours maximum above the majority of surfaces. If you’re afraid of contract the virus from any mistake or small sneeze your maid does, then your best shot is to leave the house for two or three days, and you will be sure there’s no risk.

Research about the cleaning company’s preventive measures

Summarizing, your best way of action is to match your precautions with that of your maid’s, working as a team. Many cleaners use gloves and masks, but there’s more you can do. At Love My Maids, for example, we use a color-code cloth to ensure we never use the same one for other rooms of the house. Also, we stay in touch with our clients via devices, avoiding person-to-person contact. We check the health of our employees daily and have strict guidelines to clean every room.
Contact us on our website and ask us all the questions you have. We are committed to providing the safest cleaning service during this pandemic to ensure your health and peace of mind. Also, we offer gift certificates to give your dad a cleaning service for Father’s Day.

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