Safest Places To Maintain Social Distancing Now Open In Arlington

It has been over a month now, and probably you’re craving fresh air or other outside-home activities rather than going to the grocery store. So, we have good news for you: there are some great outdoor places open to the public now in May, the Texas Government even announced that some businesses would be re-open from May 1st (following strict health measures).

If you like the idea of going to a museum or wandering through a community garden, or you’re googling “safe walking trails near me,” then pick up your face covering, hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing in the following Arlington places.

Paved trails and hiking trails

Recover your physical condition hiking in one of the city’s best trails, which remain open, as mentioned in the Arlington Parks And Recreation website. However, parks, fields, and playgrounds are closed until further notice, so check before going to hike at River Legacy Park and Veterans Park. Also, if you want a mild walk instead, opt for the nearly 49 miles of paved multi-use trails we have in the County. These spots are open to the public but remeber to follow the preventive measures like keeping a good, six-feet distance from other people.

Community Gardens

If running or walking isn’t your thing, but you crave some fresh air for a change, visit one of the County’s seven community gardens. Before going to the grocery store, relax your mind walking through one of these green areas, scattered in various points of the city like Ninth Street South, North Barton Street, and 1601 Key Blvd. (see the full list here). Community parks remain open but encourage all visitors to follow social distancing and other preventive measures.


Support your local businesses and visit once in a while, your favorite restaurant, which will be open for diners from May 1st. According to the official announcement of the Texas Government, places like restaurants and movie theaters will be re-opened but limited to a 25% capacity and following all the preventive measures. So now you know —stay safe, put your face covering on, and visit your nearest restaurant.

Museums or libraries

Museums and libraries will also re-open on May 1st, under the same 25% occupancy limitation. However, interactive areas remain closed, and some local public museums and libraries can take a little longer to open. Some of the best rating museums in Arlington are The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Famer, Arlington Museum of Art, River Legacy Living Science Center, and CR Smith Museum. Stay safe and follow preventive health measures.

Shopping malls

Guess what? Some shopping malls also reopened May 1st. Perhaps this isn’t the safest or most essential of places to visit in Arlington, but if you use your face covering, and follow your preventive measures properly, you can lower the risk. But, according to the official announcement, the food-court dining areas, play areas, and interactive displays remain closed.
We wish you a safe return to normality. Remember that these changes have to be slow and cautious to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 spreading. And if you wish to clean and disinfect your house to prevent infections, schedule our professional cleaning service online.

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