5 Tips That Will Make You Love Cleaning Again

Do you remember how much fun it was to help your family clean the house when you were a young child? Who doesn’t have fond toddler memories of pushing the big broom around the kitchen after dinner? Here are five non-challenging measures that will make you love cleaning again.

5 Tips That Will Make You Love Cleaning Again 

We love cleaning, and know that after reading this blog you will find that love again. Are you ready?

1. Minimize Your Collectibles

There’s no ignoring the reality that having a vast number of china figurines and other collectibles displayed in your home saps your enthusiasm for housekeeping. No matter how much you might enjoy looking at your decorations, cleaning your house is much simpler when you pare down your collections to those pieces that bring you joy. For inspiring and easy ways to declutter your life, read here.

2. Simplify Your Cleaning Supplies

Do you have a massive stash of cleaning supplies hidden under your kitchen sink? It’s tempting to buy supplies that promise incredible results with next to no effort on your part. Take it from us; if there were such miracle products on the market today, we’d be using them to clean houses. You’re much better off using a few tried and true cleansers. You’ll save money and the time that you’d waste going to the store to buy gimmicky products.

3, Do a Little Bit Each Day

Do you remember how your Mother used to devote most of a day to clean the house? Although a beautifully kept home gives your spirit room to breathe, who has time to spend hours scouring the house? You won’t need to invest long hours in a row tidying up if you do a little bit each day. Try this weekly housekeeping schedule from The Spruce.

4. Make it Fun

Who says that cleaning has to be a depressing exercise? Spice it up with your favorite music. Dress up in a silly cleaning outfit. Give yourself a treat after scrubbing the bathroom. You’ll love cleaning if you take the time to create an enjoyable cleaning environment. After all, scrubbing and mopping is hard work, and you deserve to reward yourself with self-care that will help you to look forward to picking up a broom.

Here are some more terrific ideas on how to make cleaning up your home a fun part of your day.

5. Hire a Professional Cleaning Service

You will love cleaning your home when you let us do the heavy-duty dirt and grime work so that you can merely tend to the daily light housekeeping jobs.  A significant benefit of using a professional maid service like Love My Maids is that you can enjoy living in a home that doesn’t need much effort to shine.

Lastly, the best way to love cleaning is when you surround yourself with the things that you like and minimize your housework routines. Love My Maids delights in performing all of the in-depth cleaning services necessary to keep your home in top condition so that you can spend your valuable time living your life. Contact us for a free estimate and chat about your cleaning needs today.

Ginger Whitson