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House Cleaning & Maid Services in Bedford TX

Love My Maids, proudly serves the Bedford community by providing exceptional  house cleaning services and great customer service to Bedford residents.  Free yourself from stress and let us take care of your cleaning chores!

One things that we're most proud of is our community service.  Love My Maids provides free house cleaning services for Bedford women undergoing cancer treatment through Cleaning For a Reason.

Love My Maids offers high-quality residential and office cleaning and disinfecting services. We also also happy to customize your cleaning to meet your unique needs and budget.

Ready to give up cleaning for good?  Give us a call and get your free quote today!

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Our Professional Cleaning Services in Bedford

Recurring Maid Services

Let Love My Maids keep your house clean on a regular basis! There is no better was to destress your life than our weekly, biweekly and monthly maid service.  Ready to take back your weekends for good Bedford? We're here to help!

Deep Cleaning Services

When your house needs some extra love, our deep cleaning services will do the trick. The  Deluxe Deep Cleaning is our most detailed cleaning. We also offer a budget-friendly Basic Spring Cleaning to get your home nice and clean.

Move Cleaning Services

Moving is such hard work so why also take on the cleaning? Love My Maids is here to help you complete your move with our expert Move Out or Move In Cleaning.  We'll get both the old place and the new home nice and clean.

Love My Maids also offers Post-Construction Cleaning, Vacation Rental Cleaning and Office Cleaning services throughout the Bedford area.

A Cleaning Service You Can Trust

  • Caring Customer Service

    Our customers service staff are the absolute best. Their only objective is to make our customers happy. And, they're really good at it.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If we miss anyting during your cleaning, all you have to do is give us a call and we will schedule a reclean of the area. It's that simple!

  • Professional Cleaners

    Our cleaning staff are professionally trained to properly care for and clean your home.

  • Trustworthy Staff

    Every employee must pass a national background check before being hired. We're also fully insured and bonded.

  • Professional Cleaning Products and Equipment

    Love My Maids uses professional cleaning products and equipment that are more effective than "grocery store" cleaning products.

When We Clean, You'll Have Time to Enjoy Bedford!

When Love My Maids cleans your house cleaning services, you'll have a lot of extra time to get out and enjoy your city!

If you have kids, or you are a nostalgic gamer, don’t miss Quarter Lounge Arcade and play all the old games that marked a generation: Packman, Donkey Kong, Streetfighter, and many more. And for the collectors, Generation X Games and Comics has a wide variety of games, comics, toys and other merchandising that you'll rarely find somewhere else.

For lovers of history in Bedford, you’ll find many old buildings that preserve a little part of it. The Old Bedford School is a renovated school hall that serves like a community center, concert venues and as a little peek to the past. If you have the opportunity to attend an event here, don’t miss it!

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Best House Cleaning Services in Bedford TX

At Love My Maids, we believe that a job well-done is what makes us successful! That's why all of our maids are professionally trained to deliver a great cleaning every time we clean your Bedford home.

Love My Maids services the entire west DFW area. Get a quote today and see why we're the #1 rated cleaning service in Bedford.

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