Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply give us a call at (817) 542-0347 or fill out a quote request on this website. 

Cleanings are priced according to your square footage and the information you provide about the condition of your home.

If we can't complete the cleaning in the scheduled time we will call you and give you the option to provide a list of priorities or to add additional time at our normal hourly rate.

We will bring everything needed to make your home sparkle!

Just give us a call within 24 hours of the cleaning and we'll make arrangements to return to reclean any unsatisfactory areas.

You don't need to be home. You will need to make arrangements with our office to provide access to your home by providing a key or a door code.

We do not require any commitments. We believe our quality will keep you coming back!

All cleaners are fully vetted and background checked prior to hire. We do not hire people with any criminal activity on their records.

Recurring appointments are handled by one cleaner and deep cleanings, especially in larger homes, will require two or three cleaners.

Life Is Too Short To Spend It Cleaning!