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Does Your House Need a Little Extra Love? Our Deep House Cleaning Service Is The Answer!

If it's been a while since you home was thoroughly cleaned, a deep house cleaning is the right choice. Our deep cleaning services are our most thorough and detailed cleaning service.

When Love My Maids completes your deep cleaning your house will be expertly cleaned and will look and smell springtime fresh. Nothing feels better than coming home to a meticulously cleaned house.

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Two Options For Your Deep Cleaning

We offer two options for your one-time or initial deep cleaning when starting a recurring maid service, the Basic Spring Cleaning and the Deluxe Deep Cleaning. The cleaning you choose will depend of the condition of your home and your budget.

  • Basic Spring Cleaning - a budget-friendly option for houses that have been well-kept and cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Deluxe Deep Cleaning - our most detailed cleaning and is designed for homes that may not have been regularly maintained and are in need of a lot of scrubbing.

Both deep cleaning options are thorough cleanings of your entire home. The Basic Spring Cleaning focuses on thorough dusting of surfaces while the Deluxe Deep Cleaning includes hand washing of  most painted and wood surfaces:

  • Baseboards throughout the house
  • Doors and door frames
  • window sills, window ledges and window frames
  • Cabinet fronts in the kitchen and bathrooms

One-Time or Occasional Deep Cleaning. What a Treat!

Treat yourself to a spotless house.  You deserve it!

A one-time or occasional deep cleaning is great for getting your house in tip-top shape and easy for you to maintain. It's also a great for preparing for special occasions.

  • When company is coming.
  • When getting ready for the holidays.
  • When a family member is coming home from the hospital.
  • Seasonal cleaning (spring and fall cleanings).

An Important Note About Your Deep Cleaning Quote

Quoting is not an exact science.  Since we do not do in-home estimates, we do our best to schedule the right amount of time for each cleaning based on the information you provide about the size and condition of your home. And, we get it right most of the time.

Once in your home, if we do not feel we will be able to complete the job in the amount of time scheduled, our office will call you immediately.  At that time you can either add additional time at our normal hourly rate or provide us a list of priorities.

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