Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Small Spaces

Whether you live in an apartment or a tiny house, your home still needs to be cleaned. While people usually assume larger spaces are the hardest to clean, small spaces are just as difficult. Due to a lack of space and storage, your home can become easily cluttered, and suddenly your cute, tiny home is a chaotic mess.

To keep your home in order, we’ve put together these cleaning tips and tricks for small spaces:

First, declutter

Before you start cleaning, you should first work on decluttering your home. The more items you have, the less space you have. That can have a huge impact on a small house or apartment. As you’re going through your home, think about what Marie Kondo says: does this item bring you joy? If not, throw it out.

Use furniture with storage

After you declutter, you may have items you want to keep but don’t have a good place for. A storage system is a solution. You’ll want to invest in furniture that doubles as storage, as this way you’re not taking up any more space. This might include a storage ottoman or a couch with space underneath to place your storage bins.

Clean as you go

In a small space, it is easy for an area to become cluttered with items. The key to preventing this is to clean as you go. For example, don’t just place your dishes in the sink, but put them away in the dishwasher. Additionally, put your boots and jacket away in the coat closet instead of tossing them to the side.

Speed clean

Most people don’t have much time to clean their homes. Speed cleaning is the solution. This method allows you to clean a little bit each day to keep your space spick and span.

Then have a deep cleaning day

Speed cleaning is great for people with little time on their hands, but it won’t clean every nook and cranny. It’s a good idea to dedicate a deep cleaning day either once a month or once a quarter to truly keep your home clean. During these days, scrub every area of your home, particularly the spots you don’t get to normally (such as underneath your stove or behind the couch).

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Ginger Whitson