How to Prepare to Move

Moving is a stressful endeavor. Not only do you have to finalize plans for your new place, but you also have to wrap things up at your current place. Things become especially difficult if you’ve been at your current home for a long time. Suddenly, you have to clean out years’ worth of junk and organize what you decide to keep. Ready to learn how to prepare for a move?

But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Below is our guide to help you prepare for a  move and keep things as simple as possible:

Prepare for a move timeline

The first thing you’ll want to do is to create a timeline for yourself. Moving is a big chore, but it’ll seem more doable if you break it up into smaller tasks. Create a list of everything you need to do before your moving date. Then, grab your calendar and decide which tasks you’ll do on which days. Clump similar tasks together to make things more efficient and be sure to give yourself some wiggle room in case anything unexpected occurs.


No matter how long you’ve lived in your current place, chances are that you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. You likely don’t use most of it, so taking it with you on your move will just make things harder on yourself. Decluttering in advance of a move can help you organize your items and reduce the number of things you have to pack away in a box. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Clean as you normally would: Simply cleaning up a room can help you better figure out what you want and what you don’t want
  • Use bins and boxes: As you declutter, sort items you want to keep into one set of boxes and items you want to donate in another set
  • When in doubt, put items aside: If you’re not sure you want to part with a certain item, put it aside and revisit it a few days or weeks from now to see how you feel

Go room by room

After you declutter, it’s time to pack. Packing can seem overwhelming, but another way to keep things simple is to go room by room. Instead of packing everything at once, break it down by room and work your way through the house or apartment. Start with rooms you don’t use as often—like your basement or a guest bedroom—and leave rooms you do use often—like your kitchen or bathroom—for last.

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