How to Super Clean Your House Using Common Pantry Items

Can you count on one hand the number of times that you’ve purchased an expensive cleanser because a celebrity influencer promised a clean home with next to no effort on your part? Well, we don’t know about other types of celebrity-endorsed products, but we can tell you that some of the finest cleaners available are probably already present in your kitchen.

Ingredients for a Well-Kept and Super Clean Home

Would you believe that you can keep a super clean house with a combination of

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • lemons and,
  • elbow grease?

That’s right; your Grandmother knew what she was doing when she used these everyday items in her daily housekeeping. Keep reading on how you can use them to achieve a super clean result.

All of the cleaners that we recommend have the advantage of doing both an excellent cleaning job while also successfully handling countless other uses in your home. Let’s look at several ways that you can use everyday products to super clean your home.


The acidity in vinegar is the key to its power against grease and grime. Indeed, vinegar is such a versatile product that you can safely use it to solve many of your yuckiest cleaning situations. The main exceptions are marbles and granite as the acid in the vinegar could damage the surface of the stone. Consider using vinegar to:

  • Polish glass and windows 
  • Wash no-wax flooring
  • Clean dirty laundry with stubborn stains 
  • Deodorize the dishwasher so it doesn’t smell every time you open it 
  • Soak up pet messes on the carpet and never know they were there

Baking Soda

Do you remember brushing your teeth with baking soda as a child? Baking soda is a gentle cleaner that tackles household messes with ease. Good Housekeeping recently noted more than twenty uses for baking soda. Some of the ways that baking soda fits into your cleaning routine are to

  • Freshen up a room or refrigerator with an open box
  • Scrub extra dirty pots and pans
  • Sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming
  • Pour some on the bottom of the cat litter box


Does the smell of fruits transport you back to the homemade lemonade stands where you cooled off at during the sticky summer days of your childhood? Bring back those nice feelings by adding lemons to your cleaning routine. Try some of these ideas for incorporating lemons.

  • Boil lemon peels to freshen the air
  • Eliminate grout stains with a lemon spray
  • Degrease dishes by adding a drop of lemon to the dishwater
  • Clean glass with a spritz of lemon juice

Green Cleaning

One of the best things about using our suggestions from your pantry is that they all involve green products. With the growing understanding of how dangerous many chemically-based cleaning products are to people, pets, and the environment it’s never been more important to reach for non-toxic ways to maintain our homes.

Remember that it’s in your power to make choices that will improve the health of your indoor environment.

Lastly, keeping a super clean living environment doesn’t require the use of specialized, expensive cleaners when you can find some of the best time-tested ones sitting in your pantry.

The next time that you decide to do some deep cleaning do your pocketbook, and the environment, a favor and reach for baking soda, lemons, and vinegar.

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Ginger Whitson