10 Awesome Spring Cleaning Tips For the Winter Weary

Are you tired of winter? After months of battling muddy footprints and dust-covered surfaces in your home, it’s not surprising that you’re eager to throw open your windows and shout a hardy hello to the new season. Read on for ten spring cleaning tips that will help you to welcome the change in weather in style.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Even if it’s the dead of winter )even though it should be spring) you can start your spring cleaning. Here are 10 spring cleaning tips to get you going.

1. Open the Windows

There might not be a more invigorating way to kick off the change in season than throwing open your windows to bring the refreshing spring air into your home. Everyone will appreciate a bountiful airing out of the indoor spaces, and the fresh air will boost your mood.

2. Wash the Windows

Don’t neglect to wash the windows while you’re letting in all of that fresh air. Your Grandmother knew what she was talking about when she suggested that you use vinegar and newspaper to clean windows and mirrors. Along with being a terrific cleaner, vinegar has the added advantage of being a great deodorizer so you’ll enjoy even more smell busting power.

3. Spiff up the Screens

Window screens and screen doors do double duty during the winter working to repel all of the debris that comes with seasonal storms. HGTV recommends using a carpet scrap to clean them. Super dirty screens benefit from a thorough cleaning with a little vinegar and warm water.

4. Clean the Carpet

Winter is typically the toughest time of the year on carpeting. Think about all of the wet and muddy shoes that walk into your home in the winter. Welcome the new season with freshly cleaned carpets and area rugs. You will save time, along with ensuring beautifully clean carpets, when you hire a professional carpet cleaner to perform deep cleaning.

5. Wipe Down the Walls

Your furnace worked hard to keep the indoor spaces toasty over the last few months, and all of the warm air traveling through the air vents results in dingy walls. Mix one-quarter cup of vinegar and one quart of warm water together. Wipe the solution onto the wall with one rag and dry the wall with another cloth. Make sure that you test the vinegar and water mixture on a hidden part of your wall before you begin cleaning.

6. Clean Out the Refrigerator

What’s hiding in the dark corners of your refrigerator? Deep cleaning the fridge is one of the surest ways to get rid of lingering foul odors and is one of our favorite spring cleaning tips. The housekeeping experts at Martha Stewart share step-by-step instructions on how to give your refrigerator complete grooming here.

7. Add Shine To Your Shower Curtain

Does your vinyl shower curtain look a little mildewy? Shine up your shower curtain by giving it a spin on the washing machine with your favorite detergent. Spring is also a terrific time to lift the overall mood of your bathroom by purchasing some high-quality towels.

8: Uncover Your Patio Furniture

The beginning of warm weather means that it’s time to uncover the patio furniture and dress up the chairs with colorful cushions. Try using a mixture of your favorite dishwashing detergent and a small amount of vinegar to clear away the dust and debris that’s attached itself to your metal and plastic furniture. If you’re lucky enough to own lovely wicker furnishings, you’ll need to approach the cleaning project gently, wiping each area with a soft cloth, so as not to damage the wicker.

9. Put Out Cheerful Welcome Mats

Nothing says friendship quite as well as a cheery welcome mat at the front door. Chances are your front door mat looks a little down in the dumps after months of winter weather, and you add new life to your home’s curb appeal by either cleaning or replacing it with a beautiful new one that captures the spirit of your family.

10. Schedule a Professional House Cleaning Appointment

Did you know that Love My Maids offers a spring cleaning appointment that promises to make your house sparkle? Our expert cleaners will do all of the work so that you can go outside and enjoy the wonder of early spring.

Lastly, say goodbye to winter with our spring cleaning tips. Contact us at Love My Maids today so that your house can say goodbye to winter for another year.

Ginger Whitson