How to Treat Your Housekeeper – an Etiquette Guide

Hiring a housekeeper is an excellent way to not only keep your house looking great, but also to free up valuable time for you to engage in other events and activities. However, if you’ve never had a housekeeper inside your home before, you may not know how to act around them. It’s a new experience, and you aren’t alone in wondering how to make the experience pleasant for both you and your house cleaner.

Here are a few tips regarding housekeeper etiquette and how to keep the situation from being awkward or unpleasant:

Clean Up the Clutter Before Cleaning Day

Wait, what? You’re supposed to clean for the housekeeper?

Well, not exactly, but there are a few courteous things that you can do to make it easier for them to do their job. For starters, gather up your mail; don’t have it scattered all over the place. The housekeeper will need to pick everything up and move it in order to clean the tables, so it’s better to have everything neatly piled or put away before the maid comes. Move pet toys out of the way so that it’s easier to vacuum, and clear up the clutter around night stands. Basically, move the little objects out of the way that might cause the housekeeper trouble while dusting and cleaning.

Open Dialogue with your House Cleaner

You like things a certain way. Certain rooms need more attention, and you may want certain objects cleaned in a specific way. If you don’t tell your housekeeper these preferences, then there’s no way for them to know. After all, they aren’t mind-readers. So make sure to engage in open dialogue with your maid and give them clear instructions.

Obviously, you don’t need to tell them how to clean everything. However, if you have specific preferences (maybe you like the vacuum lines in the carpet), or want objects put away in a specific fashion (such as plastic cups on the bottom shelf so it’s easier for kids to grab), then tell the housekeeper ahead of time. When you have the same maid coming every time, you probably won’t need to keep reiterating your instructions. With that said, many housekeepers have dozens of houses to clean every week, and everyone has their own instructions, so it may be a few visits before they’ve memorized your instructions. Leaving positive, helpful notes can help remind cleaners of your specifications — especially if you have rotating housekeepers.

Should I Tip my Maid?

Tipping is never required, but it is always appreciated.  Some customers leave a tip every time a maid cleans, and others tip occasionally or during the holidays.  The cleaners that work for Love My Maids truly care about their customers and try to do a superior job every time they clean for you.  If you appreciate their efforts, consider leaving a tip. Or, simply leaving a note thanking them helps them know that they’re meeting your expectations.

Respect the Housekeeper’s Time

Interacting with your housekeeper helps you get to know your cleaner and it helps them get to know you.  That said, they have a job to do that you are paying for. Taking part in extended conversation or sitting down to have refreshments can put them behind schedule. So there’s nothing wrong with offering your maid refreshment or conversation, but it’s best if you confine it to a short period of time so they aren’t rushed in their cleaning of your home.   

The first time or two that a maid visits, you may feel a bit strange. However, once the novelty fades away, you’ll feel much more comfortable. This etiquette guide will help you get to that comfortable point much sooner. If you are still on the fence about hiring a maid, want to know if it fits into your budget, or have other questions about hiring a housekeeping service, give Love My Maids a call.

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