Cleaning Made Easy and Fast

Tips for Making House Cleaning Easy and Fast from Professional House Cleaners

There are many tools and techniques that professional cleaners use that significantly increase their productivity and efficiency when cleaning homes. These are tips that you can use to make your cleaning routines easier too! In this article, we’ll share our favorite cleaning hacks.

What is the Best Way to Organize My Cleaning Supplies?

Purchase a cleaning tote at Home Depot or Target to keep your cleaning supplies ready to go. When it’s time to clean, simply grab your tote and a couple of cleaning clots and you’re ready for action. If you have a two-story home, we suggest having two identical totes – one for the downstairs and one for upstairs.

How Many Different Cleaning Supplies Should I Use?

You don’t need your tote stocked with 15 different cleaning products.  A few good products will do the trick.

We recommend having the following cleaning products in your tote: 

  • Glass cleaner
  • General purpose cleaner such as 409
  • Wood polish
  • Tub and tile cleaner, i.e., SoftScrub with Bleach
  • An appropriate spray bottle of floor cleaner. We like Zep Multi-surface Floor Cleaner which is good for all floor types.

What are some of the Best Cleaning Tools?

We also suggest having the following tools handy in your cleaning tote:

  • Bristle brush
  • Magic erasers
  • Blue sponge scrubber
  • Plastic scraper

Using these tools appropriately can greatly reduce the time and effort required to clean your home. We also recommend using a flat microfiber mop rather than the old string style mop – just dampen, spray the cleaner on the floor and mop. No need to rinse and wring.

A good ostrich feather duster is our favorite cleaning tool.  We get ours from, but you can also pick one up at Target.  Simply wipe the feathers over any dusty surface and the dust magically disappears. (Don’t swing the duster back and forth – that throws dust into the air and defeats the purpose.)  To clean the duster, simply take it outside and shake vigorously.

Prepare for a Deep Cleaning by Decluttering

It goes without saying, that a clutter-free room is a heck of a lot easier to clean, especially when it comes to deep cleaning.  While it helps to simply have less stuff if that’s not possible at least have a place for all of it. For example, have toy boxes for toys, a magazine rack for magazines, etc. Declutter and put away as much as you can to free up surfaces and floor space for cleaning.

Clean Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Take your supplies (in your tote) with you into each room. Starting at the door work left to right and top to bottom. If you do this, you’ll find you aren’t backtracking and wasting time bouncing all over the room. It takes a bit of discipline, but using this method can shave a lot of time off your cleaning routine.

Quit Sweeping and Start Vacuuming

Our professional maids don’t sweep floors, they vacuum them. Sweeping tends to stir up dust that’s going to land right back on your furniture and floors. Instead of vacuum all hard surface floors. We also have a 50-foot cord put on all of our vacuums. This means we spend a lot less time plugging and unplugging our vacuums. You can accomplish the same thing by using an extension cord to extend the reach of your vacuum.

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