Toilet Cleaning Tips

Let’s talk toilets.

There is more to cleaning a toilet than just cleaning the inside of the bowl.   We have some QUICK and EASY tips for getting your entire toilet clean.

Work “Outside-In”

When cleaning the toilet, it’s best the clean the outside first, then tackle the inside of the bowl.  The reason is simply to prevent the spreading of germs (which are usually under the seat and inside the bowl.  First, clean the outside of the toilet – dust the tank, clean the base and wipe the seat. Once the outside of the toilet is clean, it’s time to lift the seat and clean under the seat and inside the bowl.  Remember to never use this cleaning cloth in any other part of the bathroom. 

Preventing and Cleaning That Pink Ring 

 The best way to clean any bacterial growth (the pink ring) is to simply squirt your favorite toilet bowl cleaner under the rim, let the cleaner drip down the sides of the bowl, then scrub lightly with a toilet brush and flush.  You can also pour a little vinegar or a bleach into the bowl in between cleanings to help keep the bacterial growth at bay.

Preventing and Cleaning Hard Water Stains 

You only need 2 common household items for this – baking soda and white vinegar.  Measure 1 cup of vinegar and pour into a bowl, then use your toilet brush to stir.  Let this sit 1-2 minutes. Next, measure approximately 1 cup (doesn’t have to be exact) of baking soda, then add one more cup of white vinegar. It should take about 10 minutes for the fizzing bubbles do their work. Use your toilet brush again to scrub the bowl, paying attention to any areas that may be still discolored. Let this sit about 15-20 minutes and then flush.

Keeping That Tank Clean 

Measure 1 cup of white vinegar and pour into the tank. You will let this sit inside the toilet tank while you go about cleaning the other areas of your bathroom.  Once you have completed your bathroom cleaning tasks you can then come back and flush two to three times to ensure that you are rinsing everything out. (You don’t want to leave the vinegar sitting in the tank for long periods of time.)

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