Make Summer Entertaining Simple With Home Cleaning Services

The summer months bring endless opportunities to entertain your friends and family in your home. If you’re like most people, you’d rather spend time figuring out the details for a backyard barbeque than cleaning the house. Keep reading for tips on how professional home cleaning services can help make this summer’s parties your best.

Host with Confidence and Leave the Home Cleaning Services To Us

The key to comfortably hosting a party rests in knowing that you’re ready to welcome all the guests into your home. A super clean house is a terrific confidence booster and will let you focus on your hosting duties instead of wondering if people notice an errant dust bunny hiding in the corner.

Here are five house cleaning tips that will prepare your house to roll out the welcome-to-the-party mat.

Flowers at the Front Door

Who doesn’t smile when being greeted with colorful flowers? Try putting some beautiful flower pots near the front door so that your guests experience a floral sensory delight as soon as they get to your front door. If you have extra energy, consider planting a heat happy plant, like Victoria Blue Sage near your entryway.

Wash the Windows

Nothing announces a beautifully clean home quite as effectively as sparkling clean windows. You can do it yourself with an equal mixture of hot water and vinegar. Since cleaning windows can be an exhausting job, give yourself a treat and include this job in the list of thing that you hire out to home cleaning services.

Put Away the Clutter

Think of your living areas as a stage for your party and remove all of the little things that don’t fit into the overall theme. We’re not saying that you should box up all of your favorite things just because they don’t fit into a fiesta theme.  Rather, walk through the parts of the house that guests will visit and put away items like:

  • athletic gear
  • toys
  • old newspapers
  • the novel that you’re reading for your book club.

Deep clean

Once you’ve put away excess belongings, it’s time to deep clean the party areas. Forget about all of the rooms in your home where the guests won’t go and focus all of your attention on making the party rooms shine. Put on your favorite music and start

  • washing
  • dusting
  • vacuuming
  • mopping
  • polishing until everything sparkles.

Too overwhelmed picking out party decorations to worry about deep cleaning?

Contact the professional cleaners at Love My Maids. We have a selection of terrific and affordable home cleaning services that are sure to get your house ready for a fantastic gathering of friends.

Bring the Scent of Summer Indoors

Your house will smell pretty amazing after a deep cleaning. There are some additional ways to bring a little bit of the smells that signal summer into your indoor spaces. Vases filled with fragrant flowers are a delightful way to deliver the best of nature’s beauty indoors. Read here for some more ideas about natural ways to capture a summertime smell for your party.

Lastly, there’s nothing more special than spending time surrounded by your friends and family, and the summertime is a perfect time to host a party. Invest a little time and energy into making sure that your home welcomes all of your guests with the positive vibe that springs from a clean house. Better yet, leave the heavy-duty deep cleaning to us and contact Love My Maids for home cleaning services.

Ginger Whitson