4 Tips for Helping a Senior Clean Their Home

We all want to live in a clean and tidy home. However, seniors often struggle to complete housekeeping chores because they don’t have the stamina and strength they once had.  This can make completing even simple housekeeping tasks very difficult.  When you’re younger, you don’t give any thought to running a vacuum or cleaning a tub.  But when you’re older, these tasks can be nearly impossible.  If you have a senior family member that is still living independently, here are some tips on how best to help them keep a clean and tidy home.

Declutter first

One thing that really helps to keep a house clean, is to declutter it.  The more clutter there is, the more there is to “clean around’ and this makes it difficult to clean the house.  So, before you start dusting, disinfecting, and cleaning, help your senior family member organize and declutter their house. After all, the fewer things that are in your way, the easier it will be to clean. Start with the room that is used the most, then go room by room until each space is free of random clutter. And as always, make sure your senior is involved and agreeable to your choices about where things are put and how they are organized

Start with a deep cleaning

If your senior’s house has not been thoroughly cleaned in a long while, it needs a deep house cleaning.  A deep cleaning get’s everything caught up.  The house is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and dusted.  This is a great start and will make maintaining the home so much easier.

Make a list and divvy up the chores

If the senior in your family is still mobile and active, then find out what they still want to do and which tasks they are finding difficult to complete.  Make a list of the different housekeeping tasks that need to be done, then divvy up the chores they will be responsible for and which you will be taking over. Just make sure that you take on the more physically demanding jobs to prevent any accidents from occurring. And, it goes without saying that it’s best if you can do your chores on a scheduled basis to prevent your senior from feeling anxious about getting things done.

Consider hiring a cleaning service

Our recurring maid services are perfect for seniors and caregivers who struggle with keeping their home clean and organized.  At Love My Maids, we really appreciate our senior clients and love visiting them on a biweekly or monthly basis to help them keep their homes clean, tidy, and safe from dangerous germs and viruses. Older people are often more susceptible to getting sick, so regular cleaning and disinfecting really helps keep them healthy.  Also, by keeping the home picked up, a cleaning service can prevent falls which to older people can be devastating.  Lastly, many seniors are often lonely and really appreciate having someone to visit with on a regular basis.  We have one senior client that dresses up for cleaning day because it makes her feel like she’s having company.  And, our cleaning ladies are always happy to stop and visit a bit during the cleaning.

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Ginger Whitson