5 Signs Your House Needs Deep Cleaning

5 Signs Your House Needs a Deep Cleaning?

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A regular cleaning routine may not be enough to disinfect and sanitize your home or your rental space. On the surface, your house may look spic-and-span, but this could be until you start smelling something foul or grime starts building up. There are many hidden corners and areas around your home that you may be overlooking in your cleaning routine.

To clean your space entirely, you would need to clear up your schedule and dedicate the whole day to making your house look flawless. Deep cleaning can be very time-consuming, and who has the time for that? Whether work or kids are keeping you occupied, tidying up the house is usually pushed back on the priority list for people with busy lifestyles.

Understandably, not everybody can keep their home tidy at all times. A survey by the American Cleaning Institute has found that 34% of people don’t think that they are cleaning enough, so you are not alone. Sometimes, a quick vacuum and wipe can do the trick and make your space look put together.

While a quick clean-up takes care of easy messes, when should you start worrying about deep cleaning your house? What are the signs that your home needs deep cleaning? Here are a few indications that a regular cleaning routine won’t cut it anymore.

Doctor visits are becoming more frequent.

When you get the flu or a cold, sometimes a weak immune system is not the one to blame. You might be getting sick because of your space’s lack of cleanliness. If you didn’t know, there’s a connection between cleanliness and health.

A deeply cleansed house can reduce your risks of getting ill. When your home is free of dust and dirt, the fewer chances you’ll inhale or ingest it. Your chances of an allergy attack will also decrease when you have deeply cleansed your space from allergens. And, with Covid-19 a constant threat these days, having your home disinfected on a regular basis is more important than ever.

An unpleasant odor is starting to smell.

Once you smell something foul and can’t find the source of it, it’s time to consider a deep clean. If you ignore the smell and hope it goes away, you can get accustomed to the unpleasant odor until such time when you won’t be able to realize that your house smells bad anymore!

Nasty smells can come from your carpet, the walls, your dishwasher, or your garbage disposal. Let a professional check out your space for a proper deep clean. You don’t want to be a turn-off and leave an unpleasant impression on your guests.

Hidden spaces are accumulating dust.

You might be wondering, “How could there still be dirt particles present on surfaces when I frequently clean them?” It could be because of the air’s moisture that causes dust to stay behind or the air pollution entering your home. Check the corners of your doors and windows: if there is collected dust, it’s a sign you need to deep clean.

Aside from doors and windows, be sure to also check your walls behind sofa sets and tables. These areas are spaces you don’t get to clean too often. Backsides of doors and floors under big furniture are homes for dust bunnies as well.

Finding items is becoming harder and harder.

You know that it’s time for a deep clean when objects around your space are starting to pile up. For instance, your laundry pile is turning into a mountain and taking over your bedroom. Your kitchen counters could also be filling up with miscellaneous items that you can barely place anything on it anymore.

As you collect and pile up clutter, so does the accumulation of dust and dirt. If items are becoming hard to find in your home, you should consider allotting a day in which you could organize your belongings to get your life back on track. Also, an organized home is easier to regularly clean than a chaotic one.

There’s a room you avoid.

The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” may not be the best motto to have when it comes to cleaning your space. If there’s a room in your house that you don’t visit because it’s overwhelmingly messy inside, it’s a sign that it’s time for you to deep clean.

Bring back that room’s purpose by utilizing it. You can start by clearing up your belongings. You wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good space.

 Deep cleaning your home is a difficult task to do alone and in a day. Ease your way into it by deep cleaning by area or type (vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting). You also have a more convenient option, which is to hire house cleaning professionals.

Asking the experts’ help to deep clean your space is an efficient way to save time and energy. Aside from being properly trained to do the job, they also might know some cleaning tips and tricks that will bring glow and cleanliness back into your home.

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