The Best Way To Clean Blinds And Save Time In The Process

Let’s face it; successfully battling Texas heat comes from closing the blinds to keep your indoor spaces comfortably fresh. That said, living with the window blinds closed is much more pleasant if they stay clean. Read on for the best way to clean your window blinds and still have time to enjoy lazy summer days.

Dirty Blinds

best way to clean blinds

Vinyl blinds can get surprisingly dirty. Things like

  • grease
  • pet hair
  • dust and dirt

tend to find a home on unsuspecting vinyl window treatments.

The result is that living spaces that look clean might actually harbor dirty blinds. Happily, it’s not too difficult to clean your shades so that they’re in tip-top shape as they go into a summer of heavy use.

Quick cleaning

Vinyl blinds that aren’t too dirty won’t take too much time and cleaning effort. Here is an environmentally friendly cleaning method that has the added benefit of removing yucky odors from your home.

1. Pour one part water and one part distilled white vinegar in a bowl

2. Open the blinds

3. Dip a clean sock into the vinegar mixture

4. Carefully move the damp fabric over each slat

Vinegar is an effective cleaner due to its acidity level. It does a terrific job of removing dirt and dust from vinyl blinds, and since it’s a natural deodorizer, your house will smell better after you’re finished cleaning.

The Best Way To Clean Blinds in the Kitchen

Our speedy vinegar cleaning method isn’t always the best way to clean greasy vinyl blinds. The vinyl blinds that hang in your kitchen get covered in sticky substances that require a more in-depth cleaning method.

For a step up from merely wiping down your blinds, Architectural Digest recommends that you dust each slat with a microfiber cloth and then go over each slat with a damp cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid.

Some window blinds are so dirty that you’ll need to work harder to achieve a deep clean. To tackle greasy blinds:

  • Vacuum each slat to remove as much dust and dirt as possible
  • Remove them from the window and place them into a bathtub filled with warm water and soap
  • Do something fun for an hour
  • Use a fluffy towel to dry each part thoroughly

The Spruce recommends using white shoe polish to the rope and tape areas of the blinds that aren’t freshened by the deep cleaning.

A benefit of doing a deep clean is that you may not need to do it more than once a year. In the meantime, minor maintenance should keep your window blinds in good shape.

Rely on the Professionals for Your Wood Blinds

Why not treat your wooden blinds to a professional cleaning? The professionals here at Love My Maids know how to make wood window treatments shine. Investing in a summer deep clean is a simple way to make sure that every room in your home is ready for the new season.

Lastly, the best way to clean blinds depends on your needs. A slightly dusty shade may need a light dusting while a greasy one will benefit from a long soak in the bathtub. Contact us at Love My Maids, and we’ll help you to love spending time in your home this summer.

Ginger Whitson