How A Maid Service Can Help You Sell Your House

Are you planning to put your house on the market and you’re looking for ways to make it sell faster? While there’s no denying that selling a home is a stressful experience, you can lower your stress level by hiring a maid service to keep your house in immaculate condition. Keep reading to find out some of the super perks of using a maid service to help sell your home.

Why a Move-in Ready House is Worth it

Real estate experts say that homebuyers covet a home that is in move-in ready. One of the best ways to give buyers the feeling that they could move right into your house is to keep it spotlessly clean throughout the selling process. A beautifully maintained home often sells faster and at a higher price than less well-kept homes in the same neighborhood.

Perks of a Maid Service

Now you know how giving your home a thorough move-in/out cleaning before you put it onto the market can benefit you in terms of selling time and price. With that in mind, we’d like to recommend that you consider hiring a professional maid service to keep your home in sales shape while it’s on the market. Here are five of the perks of letting a cleaning pro do the heavy cleaning of your soon-to-be-sold house.

Save time

Between living your daily life and handling all of the details of your upcoming move, time is in short supply. Hiring a cleaner to do all of the tough cleaning tasks is a terrific way to save time so that you can use your precious free hours doing something fun.

High Quality

Of course, you know how to clean. However, did you know that professional maids know lots of ways to make sure that your house makes a fantastic first impression on buyers? Keep in mind that buyers are hyper-aware as they tour each area of your home. It pays to invest in a comprehensive cleaning of your home before a potential buyer walks through the front door.

Immaculate Kitchen Appearance

The kitchen is often the most important room when it comes to selling your home. Count on buyers opening all of the cabinets and appliances. The professionals at Love My Maids, for example, are masters at eliminating grease and food debris from every surface in the room until your kitchen sparkles.


Can you imagine your stress level if your real estate agent tells you that a buyer wants to tour your home right away and you realize that you haven’t cleaned up the pet hair-covered furniture and flooring in a few weeks? When you schedule regular maid service, you’ll have comfort in knowing that your house is always only a quick touch-up away from pristine.

Save money

It costs money to keep your home on the market. After all, you’ll need to

  • Make mortgage payments
  • Pay property tax
  • Pay for your utilities
  • Maintain the house for the length of time that it’s for sale.

Since there is evidence that super clean homes sell faster, it’s smart to make a modest investment in professional cleaning.

Lastly, make your move easier by hiring a maid service to keep your house in a super tidy condition. By investing in a regular house cleaning service, your home stands a high chance of selling quickly and for more money than it would if you had struggled with keeping it clean.

If you’re planning a move, contact Love My Maids to schedule your move-in and move-out cleaning.

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