Why Hiring an Insured and Bonded House Cleaning Service Matters

Housekeeping is a much more complex business than you might initially think. While it is possible to hire someone off the street to clean your home or office, you’re not backed by any sort of protection in case the job goes wrong. What if the housekeeper hurts themselves on the job or accidentally breaks something? There have even been stories about criminals posing as housekeepers as a way to get into homes for opportunities to steal. That’s why it’s incredibly important for us to be an insured and bonded house cleaning service.

Why Hiring an Insured and Bonded House Cleaning Service Matters

You may have heard the terms “licensed and bonded before,” but what do they actually mean? Read on to learn more about licenses and bonding for maids

What Does it Mean To Be Licensed?

While there is no specific “license” to be a house cleaner, a good housekeeping firm will be licensed in the sense that it will have a business license and be run as a “real business.” This licensing will ensure that the maid service is not a fly-by-night organization that will disappear if you have a problem.

What Does it Mean to Be Bonded?

The most important thing to look for in a housekeeper is that have their bonding. Bonding is a type of insurance that protects a customer in case the housekeeper steals or damages the property in your house. While most house cleaners are very honest, having this bond in place means that if something did go wrong, both you and the house cleaner would be protected. Not only is it a nice “just in case” thing to have, but it also shows that a company is serious about doing the job right when they pay to bond their employees. You are most likely dealing with a professional firm in this case.

How Do House Cleaners Get Licensed and Bonded?

Obtaining a business license is simply a matter of the company registering with the county or counties in which they work and keeping up with some simple paperwork on a yearly basis. The process varies slightly from area to area, but just about anyone can figure it out.

Receiving your bonding is much like getting your license. The house cleaner or the company that sponsors them will pay a premium to a company that holds the bond. The cost of the bonding is based on a number of things, including the area in which the maid works and any information found on a background check. Once bonding is active, it will stay that way until the owner cancels it.

Hiring a Licensed and Bonded Housekeeper

The easiest way to make sure you work with someone who is licensing and bonding is to only work with a company you trust and simply check the website of a cleaning company you are considering. Doing so could save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

To hire a licensed and bonded house cleaner, contact Love My Maids today. They look forward to helping you relax and enjoy a clean home or office.

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