Prepare for Guests with a Vacation Rental Turnover Cleaning

When you rent out your home through Airbnb, VBRO, or similar services, the ratings that your guests leave for your home are important. And the biggest factor that affects their enjoyment of their visit is the cleanliness of your home. A dirty home is not inviting to guests and will cause them to never want to stay at your house again.

Before your vacation rental guests arrive, you should get a vacation rental turnover cleaning. Here are the benefits of that kind of cleaning service.

Vacation Rental Turnover Cleaning Creates a Pleasant Stay for Guests

Your house will inevitably get dirty over time. You and your family live there, guests stay there, and everyone dirties and messes up the house. Even if you try your best to clean up after yourself, you may not be able to do a perfect job. And even if you are great at cleaning up your own mess, your guests may create messes that they don’t clean up. When a guest enters a home that you, your family, or your previous guests messed up, they won’t be pleased.

A clean home, on the other hand, will help guests enjoy their vacation. They’ll walk into a clean house, stay in a clean room, and find a bed that’s been professionally made. Their bathroom will be clean, and everything will smell nice and fresh. Your guests will then leave positive reviews of your vacation rental home instead of negative reviews, thus prompting other people to want to stay at your house as well.

A Clean House for You

Vacation rental guests aren’t the only ones who will benefit from a vacation rental turnover cleaning; you’ll also appreciate having a cleaner home. After rental guests stay at your home, they may leave it a mess. A professional maid service can make sure that your house is cleaned after guests leave so that your home is more pleasant for you, and it’s also ready for your next guests.

Getting your home cleaned immediately after your guests leave is especially important if you won’t be home at the time they leave. If you don’t return home until a few days or weeks after your guests leave, then any messes and problems they leave behind won’t be addressed by you immediately. In that case, you may come home to a house filled with the smell of rotting food left on the countertop, the smell of mildew from crumpled up wet towels, or even pests such as roaches. Getting a vacation rental turnover cleaning right after your guests leave will prevent such problems.

What’s Included in a Vacation Rental Turnover Cleaning?

professional maid service will expertly clean your home and leave it looking great right after your guests leave or before new guests arrive. They will perform a wide range of cleaning tasks such as:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms

  • Spot cleaning cabinet fronts

  • Cleaning and polishing your oven, fridge, stove, and microwave

  • Vacuuming both hard and carpeted floors

  • Mopping hard floors

  • Taking out the trash

  • Dusting the light fixtures

  • Scrubbing the shower and tub, including the grout and shower door

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet

  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks and faucets

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Dusting ceiling fans

  • Dusting kitchen appliances, wall art, TVs, electronics, etc.

  • Dusting window sills, ledges, and blinds

  • Cleaning baseboards

  • Dusting and polishing furniture and banisters

  • Making the beds

  • Cleaning mirrors

  • Cleaning entryway glass doors.

If you’ve just had vacation rental guests or are about to invite new ones in, contact Love My Maids for a professional vacation rental turnover cleaning. With their help, your home will stay pleasant for you and be inviting to your guests.

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